Welcome to the Land of the Golden Grains!

     As a way of proactive engagement to the citizen’s vital role in community building, this website serves as a tool for informing the people of Cabatuan what is really going on during our administration. This site will also focus on the improvement of this Municipality by showcasing all the programs, projects and activities that my administration are preparing to benefit the community which will promote camaraderie amongst.

     In our new administration, we will come up with projects that will help every Cabatuanense to uplift the living condition. We want to remove the Cabatuaneses from economic crisis by using joint efforts of my colleague with our battle cry “Tulong – tulong tungo sa Pag-unlad ng Bayan”, we hope and pray that every Cabatuanense will also contribute to the success of our campaign.

     May we also urge each and every Cabatuanense to support and cooperate so that our fondest dream of a progressive and peaceful town will come to reality.

     Long after we had gone, Cabatuanenses will remember us for providing them assistance, homes and roads for their comfort.

     Lastly, Care, Love and Unity will always be learned by heart.



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